UltraViewer 6.1

Remote desktop support with file sharing and chat window
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Instead of travelling around providing in-situ support to all your customers, you can use UltraViewer to connect remotely to their computers and perform all the tasks required without leaving your work place. With this completely free tool, you can connect to any PC or number of PCs and chat with your partners while controlling their computers remotely and comfortably.

The program’s interface is extremely simple and easy to set up and use. Its main window shows both the server and the client IDs and passwords, making the whole connection process straightforward and convenient. You are provided with easy settings to define your network connection and proxy settings, as well as the possibility of assigning a function key to toggle your chats on and off easily. There are also settings to define the length of the passwords to be used, and the way the program will behave when on the Winlogon screen and when closing it down. Finally, you can add an extra custom password – exclusive to your PC – for an extra layer of protection.

UltraViewer will not only grant you access to any or your partners’ computers, but will also allow them to take control of yours if required. Besides, they will be observing whatever you’re doing on their PC at all times. You can work on various remote computers simultaneously, and even share your screen so that other partners or technicians can watch what you’re doing. Apart from taking control of a remote computer, you can chat with the person whose computer you’re connected to and interchange files between PCs without opening any third-party tool to do so.

UltraViewer is a compact and – best of all – completely free tool that will allow you to stay comfortably at your work place and perform remotely whatever maintenance or support tasks your partners’ or customers’ computers may require. To enhance their customer experience, you can communicate with them while controlling their system using the built-in chat.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extremely easy to use
  • Simple connection procedure
  • Chat window to talk to your partner while controlling their PC
  • Multi-computer remote control


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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